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The Importance of SCOPE

It was an honor to receive the “Legends of Camping” award from the American Camp Association, presented at this year’s SCOPE dinner.  SCOPE sends inner city kids to not-for-profit camps as a reward for their staying in school.

My remarks that evening reflect my belief in the importance of SCOPE, its mission and the children we serve.

Newsday OpEd: The way forward in Nassau County

Election results underscore not only the problem but also yield a chance for a fresh start.

Newly elected Town of Hempstead Supervisor Laura Gillen, left, with Nassau County Executive-elect Laura Curran, last week in Mineola. Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

In 2001, Tom Suozzi swept into office as Nassau County executive, replacing Thomas Gulotta and the Republicans who had ruled for decades. Democrats replaced Republicans in the hundreds of “exempt” decision-making positions leaving Republicans out in the cold. Changes had to be made, and Suozzi needed to take the levers of power to make things happen. In 2009, Suozzi was swept from office by Edward Mangano and the Republicans. More than a 100 Democratic jobs were lost.

Last week, Democrats were swept back to power. The cardboard packing boxes will, no doubt, return to the county office buildings.

So, what have we learned? What can we do better?

The election of Laura Curran, the first female county executive in Nassau County history, along with the win by Laura Gillen as Hempstead supervisor, offers us a great opportunity to do things differently.

The nation is desperate for an end to political vitriol, and Curran and Gillen can show the nation how politics and governing can change, leading by example. First, the blind adherence to party loyalty as a job qualifier may have brought short-term satisfaction. But it guaranteed for both parties a permanent contentiousness and gridlock in governing, yielding nothing but stagnation.

Let’s learn from past mistakes. Yes, the new governments, both in the county and the Town of Hempstead, will need to bring in their own people to form administrations committed to new policies, new ideas. But governments, particularly local ones, run things. They pave and maintain roads, manage parks, deliver social services, remove garbage and maintain public safety. There is no Republican or Democratic way to do those tasks. While we need experienced, competent managers, Democrats need to remember just because someone is a Republican, hired by the previous administration, they are not necessarily a partisan, and not necessarily incapable of doing the job we need done.

So, as a start, let’s take a fair-minded look at who does a good job and replace only those who do not. That simple change in the current culture of contentiousness may yield a new spirit of cooperation.

Next, the county should approve a charter amendment to create a nonpartisan redistricting process for the county and the towns. The current system is undemocratic and it creates too many safe, secure seats where party identity decides the result. Safe seats breed arrogance among incumbents. Competitive seats lead to uncertainty, and thus give control to the electorate. That would make government more responsive.

The campaign promises of an independent inspector general to oversee the contract process and the imposition of term limits are promises we must keep.

Leaders and elected officials in both parties need to remember that we are all Americans. Democrats won this last election — but not by 100 percent. Nearly half of the voters chose the other side. We need to govern with the respect for Republicans that reality dictates. We may disagree with Republican philosophy and policies, but we should not dislike Republicans.

Joe Mondello, my Republican counterpart, and I are friends. We spend the election season trying to defeat each other while we spend the rest of the year trying to find common ground where we can. If we can work together, everyone can. I know Curran and Gillen feel that way because bipartisan cooperation was the foundation for their campaigns.

This election provides us with an opportunity to give Nassau politics a fresh start. Let’s change the culture of partisan politics by treating each other with respect and let’s change government by enacting redistricting reform, changing the way our legislators are elected.

Jay Jacobs is Nassau County Democratic chairman.

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Clinton Foundation Under Attack

You do not need a PhD in Political Science to realize that had Hillary Clinton forgone a presidential run and, instead, chose to focus her remaining days on her family and new granddaughter, that the foundation which bears her, her husband and her daughter’s name would not be the subject of controversy that it is currently enduring.  We have heard so much about “foreign money” pouring into the “Clinton Family Foundation” possibly by some who sought favorable treatment from Hillary Clinton while she served as Secretary of State.  Yet, most Americans really have no idea of what the Clinton Foundation really is and what it really does.

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Hillary for America

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid - Washington

Over the weekend Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for President.  She’s a great candidate for our Party, but more important, she will be a great President for our country.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting her by helping out in any way that you can.  If you’d like to contribute, you can do so by visiting this link.

Hillary Clinton Goes To Summer Camp!

HRC HeadlineAt this year’s Tri-State Camp Conference in Atlantic City, NJ, the largest camp conference in the world, I had the opportunity to join our keynote speaker, Hillary Clinton, on stage for a 40 minute casual conversation covering a wide variety of topics of interest to the more 3500 attendees, representing over 600 camps from across the country, who were in the audience.

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The Obama Debate Strategy Needs A Change


Like most Democrats I watched the debate in frustration.  As an unabashed Obama fan and unapologetic progressive Democrat, I felt that, from the start, Romney was winning the show.  What most of the pundits realized and the President’s team did not, is that it WAS a show.  After the debate the President’s team explained his performance as the result of him “speaking directly to the American people about his plan to help the Middle Class.”  That’s what speeches are for – in debates you argue directly with your opponent.  Don’t worry, the American people are watching.

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